I'm so proud of my baby. Today I witnessed her first independent steps. She's still shy about it, which makes it all the more sweet. She's really growing up. She's not my infant anymore. Her personality blossoms more and more every day. Her ups and downs are so more meaningful because you know she's really trying to voice her feelings, be it in the negative or the positive. Her little body is already practicing free will and starting her own path to life. This earth scares me. She's growing up and I can't protect her from it all. I notice I hug her tighter now before she squirms away to independence and curiosity. I love her so much and watching her taking her first steps is the most bittersweet moment I've ever felt. I want to carry her into our bed more often because while she sleeps, she's still my little itty bitty baby a few weeks old that I swear to cherish and protect well past my own death. I'm so proud of her and I am so blessed.


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