Last night I began the dreadlocks. I had my girlfriend twist up and rub my hair down with lock butter and now I patiently wait for my locks to grow. I don't expect anything looking like locks until next summer in all honesty. But after a couple decades, this is dread. Beautiful, right? This is my aunt Gem. I favor her most. My cousin Kym resembles my mother most and I resemble my auntie most. I look forward to my new start. Baby Girl christened the locks beginnings by christening Rue's bed, with quite a stinky episode yesterday. After such a moment, you know your friends at the end of the day. I really wasn't starting the locks for more reasons than I'm absolutely tired of worrying over my hair every morning and wasting so many Saturdays or Sundays in a salon impatiently waiting for my hair to be done and presentable for work on Monday. Over the drama. Some family is still old school and saying things like, I don't think that will go over well at your job, maybe its not a good professional decision. I've decided that if my professional atmosphere isn't kosher with my personal decision, then I'm better off somewhere else. I doubt it would come to that because I just don't have that stuck up kind of office. If I were still below the mason dixon line, most likely, yes...I would have issues in the workplace. But in NYC, God bless, it is SO rarely an issue. You can tell by just riding the trains and walking around seeing all the dreadlocks. Today I did a little googling on the matter. had some fascinating history. For me, this is just another part of my journey. I've debated it over the years and now I'm ready. And God willing, a beautiful journey it will be.


  1. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I bet it'll look great. I remember when you had braids (and I know they're not the same thing) but they really suited you also. Remember taking your braids out?

    And what's lock butter, I've never heard of that?


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