Every few months I check back on this afflicted yard's blog...and I never lose interest. There are always interesting tidbits, sometimes too disturbing for my zen minded self, but always enlightening in what they teach me, amuse me, anger me, stimulate me. I always check him, just to see what's up. Never met him, but I like his page. Seeing that I'm Jamaican abroad with no real sense of the daily nuances of the joys and struggles when living under "interesting" political forces, violent uprisings due to angry, embittered money hungry and usually broke youth...amazing beauty, disgusting poverty...well, just living your average life in 90 percent of the world....so when me mus head bac a yahd to feel a little grounded...I turn to afflicted's documentations of the goings these days and yesteryear.... http://www.afflictedyard.com/fun_in_76.htm....This youth will never be PC or pretty it up for anybody..just so u know.
His work on Harlem.


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