And so on the 18th Day the three were born. The Artisan, The Sage and The Heart. The three souls were intermixed, of the same cloth from God’s robe so telling them apart was almost impossible. Their souls craved knowledge, love and most of all peace for all mankind. The skins were different hues, the hues of man. They were born on the day of Mandela, a sacred day for thousands of years. They were born of the Saint Maries because their mothers were true love to their husbands and to their children.  The three set out on different paths from the womb but converged in the foothills of the Appalachia to begin their journeys in uniting mankind. Their souls were truly God-kissed. They went to war with themselves because they could not understand the true meaning behind their powerful desire to create love. Their love was across humankind - the love of loving the same, the love of loving the warrior and the love of loving the meek. The three converged on the foothills of  His footprints and they set out to find peace in the world.

If God permits, this is their journey…The Artisan, The Sage and The Heart.





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