fighting battles I can't even describe

and I don't know if I'll win. But I do know my family loves me and is supporting me. And God help me, I'm getting throught it. While my husband's out of town, I can now say for sure that he is my rock. I miss my rock. But this battle I'm having is something I have to fight on my own. Since its work related, I'm just not up for sharing much about it except that I have a boss that's middle name is either Judasa or Satana. So in the work world I feel all alone. I'm looking out for new beginnings and just trying to survive where I'm at now. I think this is all about being too good at my job and points where I may not be my strongest, she has no idea how to pick up the slack (say I'm out sick) because she never took the initiative to learn. Not my fault but I'm now being questioned about what I bring to the table. I have 15 page presentation to show what I bring....its been brung. This woman is like....well, right now since I've watched alice in wonderland 3x this week, she's the Red Queen. I may accidently start to curtsey "YESSSSSS, Your MAJESTYYYYYYY!" Because its what a good little girl does to wicked witches. However, I think I'm just going stand up on my own pedestal and look down at her with pity at how even the ugliest of hearts deserve mercy.  Faith is paving my way. That's all I have to say.


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