Erwin, little Erwin. He died in January and I'm still shocked. My brother's old school friend who'd still swing by occassionally. He was one of only 2 people who still put up with Malcolm. Erwin and Nathan. And now that sweet guy is dead. In a car crash so deadly they were unrecognizable. Jonelle, his sister, also went to school with me and she lost her husband in the accident as well. I'm so sad. I don't know. It's March and sometimes it just hits me that someone I loved like a little brother is dead. I wish I could be one of those just happy he's in a good place. I'm angry because he had a baby and a very loving family. His love of God was most definitely strong, I could hear it and he'd profess it whenever we spoke, so Yes, his spirit was strong and is at rest I believe. But life can be gone in an instant and I am still so sad. He was so good. I'm serious. He was one of the good guys. Really good.


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