I got Scrabble for my computer and my old buddy Maven is beating my ass again. I love Maven...the PC Scrabble's ever so intelligent opponent to me. I'm so moved by Maven's grace at schooling me that I really should've used my R to make jiver and then spell out what was it rume, ruve...something meaning rustic. She did it (Maven is a she for me). I wish it would let me make my maven avatar. She'd be this little school girl with braids and glasses rolling her eyes at my ignorance....I actually put maven on the baby name list. I've looked it up. It's roots are Hebrew and it means wise one, sage. Even after losing by 1 point....ONE SCRABBLE POINT, I still smiled at Maven thinking she's one smart kid.
Other good things:
Read homeinkabuls Kitchen post. It's beautiful and almost scary to me because I really did dream last week about this massive amount of food, like I was a Queen or something having this big fancy party and there was so much food. And in my dream it all tasted like Asiyah's mom's cooking. These meatball things were there....the rice was there...the yogurt sauce was there. It's because Shane and I go to the Halal stand in front of the movie theater because we love it. He has the rice, the chicken, the yogurt. He's not from Afghanistan, but Pakistan I think. But in comparison to homecooking, its SO inferior. And because I know the difference. And therefore, me being food obsessed - trying to diet and take off pounds before I go to Atlanta and my uncles tell me I'm round and my aunts pinch my waistline - I dream of her mom's cooking.
Since I've installed the game, I've played every day at least 2 games. It's like a part of me is back because when my dad left town I was really sad because he wouldn't be there to play with me anymore. I beat him once and I've never done it again. I think he let me win that one, but still...he should be in the tournaments.
So anyway, I'm happy. My therapist and I are starting to look at each other with little to say besides me gushing about what's pleasing me that week. My meds are working and despite the occassional thought I'm wasting money, therapy is helping. And business is growing. Not profit making yet, but growing!
I'm finishing up building a web site (www.a-1cleaningsolution.com) for a family friend and http://store.stmarymarket.com is always getting revamped by us and a little love by the customers. But the real love seems to come from uploading our stuff in Amazon.
Did I mention before I'm going in the soap business? Well, not really. I'm just adding my own soap labels to soaps created on a little farm in Covington, GA. We're trying to diversify our inventory and put things on there that I actually would be interested in.
And and old coworker is coming to hang out with me tomorrow. Yay! The latest is that I wasn't the last to be cut. They laid off 4 people in the last month or so. Seems that there's little left of Shopper and its slowly dying. Oh well. All those tears I spent on that company. But I'm SO happy I was cut. I just couldn't see, how do you say it...the forest for the trees? I couldn't get perspective because I was in a manic cycle trying to pay the nanny and the rent, save my marriage and find time with my child all in full NYC insane fast paced glory. I went out of 2006 like train wreck. Gladly, damage was minimal and its now March and I'm smiling. :-)


  1. That's funny about the food dream - I totally dreamt about trying to get to Baskin Robbins...

    I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better.


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