Yay Kemi!
I think all that read this blog know how hard it is to find a job when you really want and need the right job like yesterday. And my dear cousin has been through it. But she's always kept her most amazing attitude in the midst of the hardest times. But today she received an offer, a great offer, with a great company and her brand spankin new iMac for her schoolwork (she's given me the idea to try online courses for another degree).
Girl, YOU GO. I am so so proud of you. You've been patient and you've persevered. And today is a good day for you.
We all receive our blessings when its time and when God says we're ready to handle what comes forth. Enjoy this and Goodness KNOWS you deserve it.
Many peace and blessings my dear cousin.
woohooo! yippeee! I'm coming over with ice cream snickers bars later. I plan on doing as much family celebrating as I can before I head back home in Sept. Today is definitely a day to pull out the ice cream!


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