Need a Lesson on Bur...Myanmar? Take some Tan Fiction

My links aren't working right now so just go straight to your book site for the book if you're interested.
All this talk of Burma, ahem Myanmar, reminded me of this book that I loved. Well, everything she writes I loved. The story behind how this story came to be is just a fascinating as the book. Mystical, humorous, political -- all the things making this book my perfect cup of tea. But what is so key behind this book is that it reminds me that Myanmar comes into the press radar every decade or so and the regime remains and people continue to just vanish in this country. Thousands of monks vanished this week. They aren't the first and they won't be the last. I was also reminded of Blood Diamond and the reporter getting so jaded that her stories weren't making any difference because nations' powers that be don't react anymore to causes like this in fear of political career instability. That has to be it, right? Sudan, Myanmar, Rwanda? No one moves so people just vanish. When the kings and queens don't move, the pawns just vanish. So much going on in the world! I want to cry. I used to get overwhelmed. But I won't. Not now. I'm learning to be empowered. Writing and Teaching empowers me to change things by changing the minds of my students and readers. Students empower me. And I really know they will help change the world. They will be dreamers that will become realists that won't become jaded and will eventually move past cynicism to make an impact. A positive, strong and POWERFUL impact to change the world.


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