Cake Chaos

You know how you start a project, spend hours upon hours on it. It's perfect. Not a thing is going wrong with your masterpiece. Until the end. A stupid mistake makes all those hours of labor look like you did nothing, took short cuts you didn't take, and most of all, didn't follow directions. I came back to NY with my hand blender broken and I've never really had a mixer so my Red Velvet Cake was completely made from scratch. I followed the directions to a tee, alternating room temperature buttermilk and sifted flour mix, one egg at a time (eggs soaked in warm water to room temperature)...all the hand whisking, all the labor of love. I didn't even talk about making the icing. It started out great, with two different size cakes and a half dozen cupcakes. Aren't they pretty?
Then why, no, HOW ON EARTH did I end up with this?
If this isn't a lesson in patience, I don't know what is. Instead of embarrassment and crying, I do my best to laugh. When your lemonade turns to lemons, all you can do is move on and learn your lesson. And then my way is also turning it into a great story for down the road when someone I know serves me the perfectly perfect Red Velvet Cake.
(This cake is absolutely delicious and it was my fault not following the baking container instructions. This lovely, tasty recipe comes from Succulent Tales)


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