I walked into Chris Rock, Bono, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Wyclef and former President Clinton last night

So I left the movie theater last night and I remembered reading something about a star-clad event at the Apollo Theatre and I went up to a really stuffy, trying to be important young lady and asked if there were tickets. She "importantly" told me No. No explanation, no sold out, no reasons, just NO. You can't come in. So I walk back towards home and then I turn the corner and see a line marked Standby. I ask someone much nicer in the line if they had tickets and they said no, this was the wait and see line. They also said the event was free. So I gladly join the line. I end up with a box seat right next to the stage. I didn't even need the microphone to hear them I was so close. It was just what I needed to see. Watching Clinton last night FINALLY made me forgive him for no action on Rwanda when he was president. This has been a big issue for me that I refused to forget. And his Global Initiative shows to me that he has dedicated his life to correcting the wrongs he and many once ignored by gathering and uniting numerous agencies and people to work together to change the issues I've been ranting a lot about this week. I think when the President of MTV (this was an MTV sponsored event) quoted Nelson Mandela's praise for Clinton's work I officially forgave him. My hero pardoning him meant that he's doing everything in his power to change the wrongs. And I learned a bit more about the debt forgiveness and how many powerful nations did forgive the debts of the poorest nations and 20 million children are already now in school thanks to the initiative. All I can say is, I love my city for moments like this. Where I can see powerful people coming to the neighborhood and stirring up the souls of young people to serve, whether its giving an hour of your time a day, a week, a month, or donating clothes to Dress for Success or the Salvation Army. They made me see that I can definitely serve more. I think I'm going to put up a flyer in my building saying free tutoring a few days a week for a few hours. I'm at home with the baby now while I'm focusing on school and I think this is a good way for me. I just need to do it and not just say I'm going to do it. I spoke about empowerment and obviously there are big names trying to empower young Americans to see the world as something fixable and curable.
AP article on the event below....

Bill Clinton hosts celebs for NYC talk
By CRISTIAN SALAZAR Associated Press Writer
News Fuze
Article Launched:09/30/2007 12:50:30 AM PDT
NEW YORK—After getting hundreds of pledges to tackle the world's problems at his philanthropic summit this past week, former President Bill Clinton did what any good host would: He threw a party.

Music, celebrity and politics mixed Saturday night at Harlem's Apollo Theatre, where Clinton was joined by Bono, Chris Rock, Shakira and Alicia Keyes for a roundtable discussion on youth activism.

Clinton called on each young member of the audience to "be a citizen servant, a giver, because we have to have a vital society," before announcing the Clinton Global Initiative's first youth summit, called CGI U, planned for next year at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Like the three-day Clinton Global Initiative philanthropic summit this week, the college version aims to bring together attendees to tackle global issues like sustainable development and poverty.

"What we are trying to do is make activism cool again for kids," Rock said.

The former president and the other superstar panelists took questions from the audience before giving up the stage to performances by hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean and soulful singer Keyes.

Clinton got some laughs from the crowd when he told them he was fulfilling a lifelong ambition.

"You know, I grew up playing music, and all my life I've wanted to play the Apollo," he said.

At this week's event, participants including heads of state, celebrities and business executives made 245 pledges on efforts such as treating neglected tropical diseases, protecting forests and enabling children to go to school for the first time.

Many of the celebrities on hand Saturday night had already made promises this past week at the summit.

Shakira said she would commit $40 million to help Peru and Nicaragua through ALAS, a coalition of artists and intellectuals committed to social change in Latin America.

MTV, which is partnering with the Clinton initiative on the youth activism summit, was to broadcast Saturday's event on several of its networks and online at its recently launched Think.MTV.com Web site.


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