Jenna in Jamaica, lawd a mercy

My Friday night 20/20 surprised me. Completely. I will admit, I tuned in to the Jenna Bush interview because I really wanted insight on dear Mr. Bush because I really wanted, almost needed, a different perspective. When mi happen pon Ms. Jenna wid her speaky spokey on children's poverty, HIV and homophobia in Jamaica I was HAPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Impressed, wowed, thankful, and so so glad that Jamaica and the Caribbean is the center of her UNICEF travels and teaching. Mi nu know how secret service let her wonda Kingston at night like mad woman. Braver than me, braver than me. But you know what, she captured a story that I never thought I'd see during my prime time TV watching in America in a million years. Yes, Jamaica is a paradise and the tourists will have a safe and wonderful time and contribute to the economy of Jamaica and should not worry. But an economic noose around Jamaica(don't get me started on how big nations like England and the US put small developing countries into vices of loans, interest rates, tariffs, etc. through the completely backwards and antiquated policies of the International Monetary Fund) ....where was I? Oh yea, the problems like poverty, illness, lack of education, few jobs, and so many wanting the illustrious VISA to America make Jamaica for Jamaicans a home plagued with problems that still aren't enough to make Jamaicans lose pride, hope and love for our nation. And through teaching the children there, and in other developing nations, her famous eyes are right now showing Americans suffering closer to home that many forget or just don't know. I know it will only last a moment, maybe Bono and Oprah will adopt Jamaica next. My pride in being a Jamaican American makes me take the strength and dignity of both cultures and continue enlightening myself and others of the stark realities that need the attention of the world. Lemme give this gal props with a biggup of her links aren't working right now, but Ana's Story can be found at any bookstore.


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