My Classmates are bloggin! Here we go....
And Sara and Christine in my blogroll to the right are also classmates...AND my teacher Maryanne. She has a great blog about the various tools on the web we can use to teach our students and ourselves.
This is exciting! I'm just imagining the types of ways a blog can be useful in the classroom. For example, the CHS 96 blog, the class under me in high school created a blog they all could contribute to. I can picture a writing assignment, social studies assignment, complex math problem/riddle, science projects all being blogged about by a class. They respond to the teacher's posts, create their own posts, find relevant pictures, text, videos, music, etc... The possibilities are endless.


  1. Im in your blog!! Thanks!! I really enjoyed your posts!! Very nice, I'm impressed! I hope my blog can develop and grow like yours. =)


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