St. Mary and the Soldiers

We send a lot of packages to the military and I checked something out. Turns out, we can send care packages. Having Bajan in town for the weekend was teary-eyed and terrifying. I just keep praying and praying and praying that he comes back home in one piece/peace. He showed me pictures and him being convoy leader and part of a special unit strictly there to help people through puts him right on the front line. He's on the damn front line. I'm crying now. This is stupid. It's war. And people get shot at and blow up every day. And being back in the south has made me seem to feel the war more. I feel like I see more flags and bumper stickers here for families with soldiers. Statistically, I bet I'm right. But before I leave St. Mary Market to my mom to run, I'm going to send a care package to...Issaac in Pakistan and his crew.

- U. S. Army -
Isaac T. Battle
Attn: Any Soldier
An email has been sent to:
with the address.
Check the email address, is it correct?
If you don't get the email in a few minutes, check your spam folder.
(Use address exactly as sent to you.) (1*)

(This address has been requested 24 times.) (NOTE **)
Added here: 03 August 2007
Expected to leave Pakistan: 20 Apr 2008 (3*)
Where in Country: (Removed for OPSEC reasons) (4*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 4, Females: 2 (5*)
Unit is from: North Carolina (6*)
Restrictions to this address: Here (7*)
(Note: Addresses that have changed will be noted "Address Has Changed".)

From the Soldier:

03 Aug 2007:
No PX facilities available. Please send hygeine products (body soap, Toothpaste, shaving cream, lotions) and hair cutting clippers. We only have 220V electricity.

On assignment with a detachment from Combined Joint Task Force 82 (82nd ABN DIV). I am originally from Maryland; now serving in North Carolina.

Thank You in advance for your continued support to the Soldiers serving in harm's way. God Bless.


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