Tea Time Tutorial - Alton Brown

If you actually do decide to sit and watch 10 minutes of the history of tea and how to serve tea, you'll see, this one cuts off the end of the program - the tea serving part, which I think was really important. After he boils the water in the kettle, he pours some of the water in an empty tea pot. He then allows the temperature of the tea pot until its hot to the touch. He then pours out that water. He then takes out the sifter and spoons in his tea loosely into the pot and pours in fresh boiling water. He allows this to seep for a few minutes before serving. He even says putting in milk should be done after the tea is poured. Not my style personally, but that's what he does. And you won't see me wasting water unless I'm trying to impress someone who would enjoy seeing attending a quite ceremonious tea party. But it was wonderful to learn that the delicious English Earl Grey Tea is actually a Sri Lankan and Indian tea leaf blend with bergamot oil, a plant native to Italy. I had to wiki research the facts on that one.

I really do love tea, always so calming and I get just the right about of calm or energy depending on what I'm drinking. Coffee is a jolt. I rarely need a jolt because I have energy naturally...Rue and I were talking about that the other day, we see no need to excessive stimulants because we have enough energy to light a building. For nerves, upset tummy, needing to be awake, needing to be asleep, comfort and warmth - I drink tea.

This week has been beautiful in NY, many afternoons in the park have been my completely taken advantage of by Amelia and myself. We are storing in the sun as much as possible, before she tilts so far away we are left in months upon months of chill. This will be her first cognitive perceptions of winter. She has no idea that life isn't sunshine and dahlias and swing sets and strollers because she came into what I call "sense" in the spring. And that mind blossoming happened in Georgia for that matter. She has no clue....poor baby, I mean, big girl.


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