god bless the child who's got his own

Last week, Amelia became very sick very quickly and suffered with the inability to walk and talk, among a few other troubling things. The doctors did give the ailment a name, but could not tell us the exact cause. But that’s okay because they were able to rule out some pretty awful things that we’d be facing years and years down the road. Questions like, did she ingest something? Bacterial or viral infection? Genetic disease? Epilepsy? Permanent Temporary paralysis? Injury due to a fall or slip? What? Where? When? Why? When they can’t talk, its so hard to know what happened. Lucky for us, we’re in a great healthcare system in this city that was able to rule out so many things  and I really felt she had excellent doctors. I'm happy to report she came home Saturday and although not 100 percent, she's a bouncy toddler walking and talking. I am so thankful right now. I know how things could be different today if her tests had a different outcome. I think it could best be described as agony because the fear was intense and painful. But we have rock solid faith in the strength of love and prayer so we feel blessed today. Although we don't have all the answers, we know Amelia came through. She'll still have physical therapy though. Although it’s mild there was an effect on her speech and her coordination is not where it was. And honestly, because it’s so mild, I think I’m the only one who notices because I’m with her all day. But it's still early and we know she'll come around soon. Having her home is the most comforting thing. You try to be the best parent you can and sometimes it all spins out of your control and you just have to be patient with life and ride with the current, even if it’s a hurricane. I thought I almost lost my baby last week. 5 days in the hospital let me see the reality of what it means to have a sick child. There were so many parents who had been there long before me and would be there long after. Watching children suffer is the hardest thing in the world. My baby girl is okay. I’m going to sleep now. I’m a week behind in assignments so I’m doubling up on things to turn in this week.


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