The Madness Must Stop

Staceyann Chin speaks out on Oprah and it's a message that she and many others have been fighting, marching, speaking, singing, writing, SCREAMING to stop.
Jamaica, stop killing an beatin bredren and sistren because dem nuh like wuh unna liiike.
One Love goes out the window when it comes to gays in Jamaica.
I think out of my fabulously BIG family and the network of their families there are only two people openly saying they are gay, and not ashamed. And not only two people out of the multitudes of both sides of my family is gay, trust on that. Statistically, that would be almost impossible. But you only have to listen to practically every Jamaican I know, my own partner included, gay people deserve to, seriously they say this, DIE. And for this backward, ignorant madness I will stand up beside Staceyann (Poet and Activist) and Fiona Zedde (Jamaican writer) fighting all in our own ways to change the mindset of a beautiful people. Being gay is not the end of the world. The loudest protesters usually have something to hide. A pedophile does not equal Lesbian or Gay or Bisexual or Transgender or Transexual. A pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile. They mess with children and should be stopped. STOP mixin up the truth. What interests me is that the cabbies in Jamaica knockin up teenage girls when they should be carrying them to school in the mornings and home in the afternoons somehow aren't being called pedophiles. Those men are pedophiles. HYPOCRITES are the worst of worst, I swear. I hate to have such a strong message right around the posting of my daughter's birthday, but when she reads this when she grows up she'll see that Mama was tellin it straight (forward, not straight!ever been in the car with gay folks? hehehe) from the very beginning. Ignorance is not in anyway a good thing and Jamaica needs to get a grip on this situation by getting a good dose of reality and an education.


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