Holiday Ornaments phase 1

So they aren't so cute now...ok, i lied - they are already ADORABLE! Old magazine pages crumpled up and covered in masking tape is the first step. And just to make it fun for her we pulled out glue, food coloring, paintbrushes and glitter today. When we go at them again we're going to cover them in some fabric, buttons, more glitter...whatever we find. No real recipe, just something creative for us to do. I was thinking, I have to get to Queens to get to Michael's because we need supplies! But that's not happening right now so I just looked around to see what I can put together to make ornaments. I'm hoping we can put together about a dozen to give out to family and friends this Christmas.

I made an ornament out of an old blouse that basically ripped apart while I was wearing it (I won't say where). It has beautiful patterns in it so I'm probably going to figure out a few different ways to use it. It's hanging on a lamp for now. It'll be so much nicer on a tree.


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