I should be sleeping

But there is so much laundry to fold! Laundry night - During the washing I watched iRobot (at the laundromat of course) and then I came home to fold to Shrek 3. So I'm wired off two good movies. More folding to do in the morning unfortunate...but perusing Jacob Mathai's blog (I feel like Jacob and I would've been best friends way back when if we ever had crossed paths) I found this really interesting blog about a guy blogging about technology he's learning in Africa and his quest to get his village a windmill (self-sustaining energy). http://williamkamkwamba.typepad.com/
I loved it so much I had to quickly post about it. Just uplifting. I need uplifting.
And you can buy the two laptops for 400 - one going to children abroad who'd benefit from a computer...scroll down for the link...tired I am, going to bed. Bed to me...talking like Yoda.


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