Thankful for:
healthy baby
healthy family
warm home
medicine when I need it
someone I love came home from the war to celebrate with family today
little moments

on the pie: I decided on a strawberry mud pie. Morsels melted with butter and then taken off the stove. Marshmallows folded in and then placed into the pie crust. That was left to cool and then I covered that with strawberry slices. (yes, there's chocolate underneath all those berries below) Then I covered it with the other pie crust. I baked it at 325 for a half hour or so...really until the edges were crispy brown. We shall see how it turns out because I wasn't following someone's recipe. We're too full so we haven't sliced it yet.
(Amelia loves the pie, except she sucks off all the chocolate off the strawberries and spits it out. Shane and I on the other hand loved all of the pie. Perfect

I'm listening to Urban Holiday Music.I'm not amused with Yahoo's really really busy new music interface - obviously geared towards tweens and teens, but thankfully the radio section is still the same. I'm just one of those that loves Christmas music. I can't help it. I've been listening to it since October.


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