Holiday Mamas

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In the middle of the 59th Street Columbus Circle Center my mom and I perked up my mood by having a little photo shoot in the middle of all the shoppers. Seeing one pant cuff is still up to avoid the snow is hilarious to me, but it doesn't detract from the fact that we are hot mamas having fun in the City. The lights and artwork were just amazing. I parked the stroller, dropped my coat and started snapping away at the teacups. They were so tiny so I think they were really were espresso cups, but I'd like to think of them as teacups. We took the M10 down Central Park West and the Park still has snow even though you'd forget how much snow actually fell because the streets are so clear. I love when my mom visits. I'm getting up early to the box offices to try and get discount orchestra seats to a Broadway show. I'm shooting for the Lion King. I found out that if you go early in the morning you can try to grab seats for $26.50 each - cheaper than TKTS. So we shall see if I'm victorious and I come home with Lion King tickets tomorrow.

I am not angry anymore. I've vented and ranted and raved and my point was made (loudly) and an apology was finally received. Don't talk to me like I'm one of the guys. I'm sensitive and I'm like totally hot. But I also am making an effort to accept that all he was trying to say was "get out of the house when I come home and go do your thing at the gym, the park, whatever. I'm here, you go." mmhmmm, yea, right. OMGawwd, Drama-free blog from this point forward.


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