how the crafty blog world works

I've been thinking about making mittens, but they'd be for next year due to school work and mommying. At a recent knit-together gathering I mentioned maybe unraveling my cable scarf in the process to make mittens since I loved the yarn. And I thought of what mag or what book I'd have to buy to find a mitten pattern. And so I found Lady Moss Mittens from Craft Leftovers that I found by way of Craft Sanity that I found from Soule Mama who I found through Worsted Witch. It's crazy, there are so many blogs out there and while I'm looking for podcasts that qualify for my class assignment this week (must be educational) I'm thinking I'm going to slide Craft Sanity podcasts into my list just because it's educational to me. And art teachers, maybe...
My point is, the blog world is huge, there are many unknowns and many famously knowns, but it's all fabulous information at the end of the day. I mean, LOOK at those mittens. So cute. I'm glad I got lost on a tangent. Logging on for educational podcasts led to free cute mitten pattern!


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