My first sock!

Like always, I did my best to follow the pattern in my new book (see my book pile over there) and true to form, I didn't understand. I think the book actually explains as if I were knitting on double pointed needles and not a circular so I was completely confused.
So at my mother's advice, I'm making tube socks until my knitting crew can teach me what to do with all those heel turns and and random decreases...whatever the book's talking about, I'm clueless at this point. Some people take to knitting (ahem, Dr. Knit, superb) like they did it in 8 past lives. And there the folks like me who like creating things, but have to admit, the things I create might not look much like the thing it was based on. But for the first time, Shane was completely impressed. He liked my sock and can't wait to see the next. Or maybe, as my mom said, he's just happy to see me making things with my present. We walk around the house in socks since shoes are mostly banned so fuzzy wuzzy socks are very useful for us right now. I've been walking around in my one sock so it's already dusty. It's THAT comfortable!
And yes, I love red so I have tons of red yarn. That's why almost everything I make is red right now. 'Tis is the season! I have other colors, but those are for warmer month projects.
But the most important thing is that they are warm and comfy. So I'm satisfied.
A sock! A sock! I made a splendid sock! Notice me hiding my not so pretty toes! tis NOT the season to be showing off my toes.


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