My Monday night TV project

I started getting the fuzzy Christmas feeling with all this Snoopy and Charlie Brown and by October Road I decided a stocking was in order. The stockings I know and love are strung around my mom's right now so I decided we needed a stocking on our one little string of decorations since we're going tropical this Christmas. And it needs ironing, but I finished it during Nightline. Good timing because late night tv is really pushing it for quality. I've yet to find a program that doesn't repulse me with all its name-calling and parade of people I guess I'm supposed to pay attention even if all I really want to do is see them act better and do great films and shows. Building their popularity based on tidbits of their social lives....not me. Anyway, I love my itty bitty stocking. And it only took a couple hours to make.
I was surprised the knit part took the least amount of time. Sewing the stocking took the most time and I'm probably going to have to reinforce the stitches later after I iron it. :-) I know it looks very humble, like someone's actual sock instead of a grand stocking, and I like that.(It's the Charlie Brown spirit!) I'm laughing right now.


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