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I will not be a New York City Teaching Fellow.  My journalism degree from the University of Georgia, my  masters-to-be in Education from the University at Buffalo and my ability to relate to the Bronx and Brooklyn high needs students better than any Yale elite fresh out of undergrad was not enough. (I am allowed that jab). I'm slightly sad, but relieved because I don't think the program would've been the best fit for me because I'd have to make a school change. But as one of my professors told me, it's really their loss and the true fallacy of the program. They wonder why so few continue after the three years or even make it to the three years  because they pick idealists with great grades and a stoosh background. The Board of Education are delusional if they don't realize that a lot of these folks are doing this with great intentions, but with little desire to stay in these schools for the long term. Few intend to make the kids of Crown Heights their permanent career. If they seriously didn't think that I would be good enough for the program, the program is too good. If it knocks out the truly passionate AND the actual people of the community, then what's the point? I'm sad, yes. But its good that I don't have to change schools.
Off to the Color Purple - for $26.50! Remember, box office day of show at 10 am is the way to go.

............(hours later)
The Color Purple was absolutely fabulous. We were second row center and it was the most amazing show. Great music, acting, drama, funny, funny, funny. But they stayed on par with the book and the redemption that was missing from the movie that was in the book was in the play. So well done. I just missed the fact songs from the movie weren't in the play like Sister. But that was it. I was a puddle of tears most of the time bein all miss sensitivity and all. I wish everyone could see it. I'm so glad I caught Fantasia. Girl showed out. Absolutely fabulous.


  1. your prof is right: their loss. Too bad for the kids though.

    I want to see the color purple sooooooooooooooo bad. Its in LA now so hopefully I will get the chance

  2. Positive vibes coming your way.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Their loss, I agree

  4. Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. I didn't get accepted into the program either. Isn't it aggravating that you don't find out the reason for not becoming a fellow?



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