Pilates is insane

I tried the pilates class for the first time today at the gym. They said if I kept coming back it would get easier. I much prefer spinning on the stationary bike. Just move it, girl, move it. Pilates let me know that I am not flexible, painfully. But I may go again. I'm trying to tone up and slim down for Ja because my skinny ass cousins are annoying as hell. luv u guys, but seriously. I can't even use the "I had a baby" excuse. So did they and they look fabulous. Like Air Jamaica poster fabulous. One was an actual beauty queen...did I say ridiculously fabulous. So I'm TRYING. But I have so little willpower against Butterfingers these days. It's sad. Since Halloween they've been haunting me.

I was skinny once. It's like I barely remember it..vaguely remember the days of drill team and ballroom dancing. I should've never moved to Charleston with the shrimp and grits madness. I'll blame it on Charleston. Reality says there's much more to the story than that, but I'll just blame Charleston.
Today I can't get the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun out of my head. Which means I'm moody and emotional and eating lots of lettuce. Something's missing. Oh yea, I remember now...my size 4 hot body.


  1. pilates is really hard. I hate it but my friend (who does it on a regular basis), really is longer and leaner...I'm working from my painful dvds.


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