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Harlem Mama's podcast

Now this is a first for me - a podcast. It took forever to figure out how to do it, but if I didn't have some sort of instruction, I'm not sure I'd ever figure it out. Through a program called Audacity and a site called Podmatic, my first podcast is now out in the web world. It's an assignment for school so I'm talking about Web 2.0, the new version of the web we as users created by blogging, wikis, shareware, P2P and all the other wonderful things we do with the web these days. It's only 5 minutes or so.I've always wanted to Podcast, but about what I don't know. I'm going to spend some time thinking about it. Exactly what would a Harlem Mama podcast sound like? What would be interesting? I'm trying to convince my aunt who is in radio to podcast, but to no avail. I think she will one day. But if I found the learning process challenging at first, I know many would be dissuaded from trying it. But if one has something to say or music or video they want to share...what a great medium.

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  1. Hi Mama,

    Thanks for the visit. Here is the best description I've seen of web 2.0. Change the world --each one teach one. I am standing on the shoulders of every great teacher I ever had.

    Check out this video -- share it with the kids. It is called te machine is Us/ing us.




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