Scarf update with a little movie talk

All I really want to do is make socks so I've decided that my first run with cable stitches is over and the practice was worth it, but I don't need a scarf and my next project is all for me. Plus, I messed up on counting the cable twists. I've yet to really make something for myself besides tea coasters. So the scarf is becoming a potholder and I'm moving on to better, more stimulating projects. But I love the pattern so I'm just going to make cable socks! Maybe that will be my road trip project if I'm not behind the wheel too long.
I just watched Don Cheadle's Talk to Me and I was, as always, impressed with his ability to play just about anybody but more impressed with the story of Petey Greene, one of the first ever shock jocks keepin it real on DC radio waves in the 60s and 70s. It's one of those movies you don't think would get made because it's almost too good because it was nice just to get a glimpse of what America felt like when King was shot. It wasn't like watching reels of documentaries or hearing first hand accounts after the fact. It was like I was hearing the news the first time and I had to deal with my conflicted emotions of anger, sadness and sense of defeat. Petey was there on the radio waves as DC burned, reminding listeners about his true message of peace and not violence and rage - even in the worst of times. Excellent movie.


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