So exciting!

I'm really happy about these. I've been looking at these needles for at least a year now, but I thought they were extravagant and just too much. But my projects were starting to suffer because I don't have a proper circular and I don't have much selection in sizes. I've been using the beginning to knit kit I got at Wal-Mart years ago and I splurged on a huge circular addi for a throw I made (the red thing under the scarf/pot holder below in an earlier post). But other than that, I definitely haven't had needles for really sweet socks and mittens!
Well, this was my Christmas gift, which I'm getting early so I can knit away on my way to Atlanta. I got the little note that it shipped and I just got so excited. I called Shane into the room and let him know. He laughed at me I assume because he thinks I'm cute/odd for getting so worked up over needles.
I didn't get the new wooden Harmony ones because I really love the clicking of the metal and I can just picture Amelia trying to make a pencil out of it, wearing down the tip or even snapping them in frustration. They are pretty, with their rainbow swirls, but I'll stick to what I know. And I know I really love how yarn slides on and off the metal. Everyone has a preference and the shiny nickel is mine!
We've really been keeping to the basics since I'm at home and in school so this splurge is very special.


  1. Hey Francia! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Congrats on the new needles! Knit Picks makes some really excellent products. And I agree - Pusing Daisies is SO GOOD.

  2. Sorry, Pushing Daisies, not Pusing Daisies.


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