Southern Peach Cobbler

Best of the Best from Georgia: Selected Recipes from Georgias Favorite Cookbooks
by Gwen McKee (Editor), Barbara Moseley (Editor)

It's snowing today, first in the season. It happened to fall on the first day of Advent. Advent helps one remember the real meaning of Christmas in the midst of the madness. I went to church today and enjoyed it. I needed hearing the sermon and listening to the children sing. The architecture and frescoes of St. Aloysius are beyond amazing. If you ever do a walking tour of the churches of Harlem, this one is definitely one to notice. I know I have homework to do, but as I wait to hear about the bowl game lineups I think a crossword is in order.

1/29/08 many hits come to this blog for the recipe so I added another picture at the top of a better looking one I made today.


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