Children's Jamaican Songs and Games Sung by Louise Bennett

(my review)
If one realized that Louise Bennett has been a cherished and gifted Jamaican entertainer, for many, many decades, they would just buy this and call it a day. If you know Ms. Lou, you know what you must do! Remembering my own mother's voice singing me these songs the way Ms. Lou sings reminds me that she didn't just come up with funny and always entertaining songs and stories. Ms. Lou taught her how. She was a child and Ms. Lou would be on the radio and eventually on the TV. And Ms. Lou was just singing what she knew...many from her own childhood. Knowing that our tradition is an oral one, I can only imagine how many years some of these songs go back. As a Jamaican-American, this is a tradition that I'm going to pass down to my daughter by singing her the songs and playing the games that Jamaican children decades ago and today still enjoy. Ms. Lou has passed and now with new technology, and thanks to the Smithsonian and other wonderful organizations, her legacy and voice continues. And one thing I know is that Jamaicans aren't the only ones enjoying her legacy. I came to this actual download because Dan Zane and Friends plays a version of Manuel Ground. It was slightly blasphemous to me because of the way the song plays in my head, but also an honor that many versions of Jamaican children's songs are playing around the world.
Enjoy, I know you will!

These are downloadable only. So come check it out here.


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