Harlem Kid Revolution

Okay, Harlem kid fun has been found. I mean. Like fun, fun, fun, fun fun.
I just spent the afternoon with my daughter movin an groovin at the Kids Dance Revolution Jam up in Harlem.
Seeing we don't get out much in the winter, this indoor venue was basically a club for babies and parents starved for loud music and dancing -- kid music mixed in with hits new and old. Their sponsors made the giveaways(food, toys, magazines, etc.) very, very cool. www.WettGiggles.com for one...isn't this bear soap cute?!

There were games, contests, crafts, food...all for 10 bucks a head over 2. SO worth it. Hours of fun and entertainment. It's the same expense as taking the family out to the movies. And seeing that I like to actually watch the movie and not leave early or constantly walk out for a screaming child, we're just not at the stage of finding it enjoyable.
And Uptown Mom (she's in my blog list to the right) is right about Antoinettes -
2090 Frederick Douglas Blvd.-(Between 112th & 113th Streets) 212-222-3540. The food was really good. They came and set up a little buffet and it was a big hit. Now I don't usually make plugs like this, but this kind of program and its sponsors really should be given a nod because Harlem is starved for activities like this. We need to support the hell out of groups like these. The Harlem Y is now getting with the program and offering more activities for little, little ones like family Yoga on Saturdays. I've found that the Yahoo! Group Harlem4Kids is really great at posts from everyone about kid-friendly events uptown. They even have their own Saturday morning sessions, but Lord knows I'm not a morning person and us getting out the door before 11 happens only when absolutely positively necessary. We're just slow. That's all. One post I made has started parents offering to share playrooms that their buildings have with other families without that. I'm hoping to attend a playgroup tomorrow. Parents bounce doctors, babysitters, sublets, whatever off each other. I'm changing her doctor based on so many recommendations for a doctor much closer to where we live. Mine too, actually.


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