I've been poisoned!

I’ve already called the Department of Health on the Subways on 125th Street near Broadway. I know it was them. It was the only thing different in the diets of my family and me over the last few days. When you don’t eat out much, it’s very easy to pinpoint who the culprit is. Everyone is fine and dandy except me. Thank God Amelia turned up her nose at my turkey sandwich. Did she smell something I didn’t? Feeling daft right now. My senses and the sign saying “under new management” made me think twice, but I still went for it. And the fact I have food poisoning didn’t even dawn on me (even with a full day of suffering) until Shane said, “Where did you eat out yesterday?” We have this unwritten rule that most of our meals are in-house so I was quite sheepish with my response. How did he know?! I will give no further details, but my actions during the question warranted the pants down in the principal’s office feeling. But how is one supposed to KNOW? You just can’t. To eat or not to eat out? That is the true American question. But our typical family policy these days is to pack a snack or meal to prevent potential future digestive disaster.

And we’re slowly going vegetarian it seems because we can’t even look at a piece of meat without wondering if that dead animal was cloned. It’s not that we don’t lovvvve meat. We’re just really grossed out. What’s really funny to me is that me forgetting all about animal cloning is ancient Georgia history. My alma mater, UGA has been cloning chickens, sheep and cows for more than a decade now and I WROTE about it! More than once. Okay, numerous times. As a reporter, you’re just reporting it, not trying to get bias in the way. Especially, when you are a little reporter trying to get everyone psyched about the sciences. I did touch on the controversy, but I glossed over it. Trust me, the chickens out of Athens, Georgia have long been super chickens, aka transgenic birds aka genetically modified aka CLONED. The technology to genetically modify birds has been around a long time. I want people to think about not what hormones a cloned chicken is being given, but what hormones they’ve been modified to create themselves. It’s been a decade since I wrote those articles for my student newspaper and I have some serious reservations about the things I put in my body. Things I glanced over then, and didn’t think to question in the name of science. I am a child of the liberal arts and sciences. I believe in moving forward. But just like bad meds and bad toys get pulled from the shelves, bad food needs to be as well.

This isn’t my first food poisoning. Since I’ve been in New York, this is my third or 4th, that I know of. In my lifetime, who could count that? Especially, when you don’t necessarily associate an illness with something you ate. What about long-term illnesses that no one could possibly know of yet? The technology is so new that there hasn’t been enough time to do longterm studies. And may I dare ask, who knows who at the FDA? It seems that most Americans, liberal, conservative, whateva!, are concerned about cloning and what’s getting a pass at the FDA. They are not agreeing with recent FDA decisions if you ask them.

All I’m saying is that if it’s not farm raised and without hormones, my child doesn’t eat it. We don’t have the budget for all of us to have $5 boxes of milk so we drink the cheapo milk and she drinks the good stuff. But we’ve decided we’re keeping her as free from preservatives, fructose, hormones, etc. as possible. Why have these things build in her body if we can help it? If I had my way, there would be a DeKalb Farmer’s Market every two miles instead of a Kroger, Pathmark or Shop Rite. They are huge, affordable and organic. And lord knows, Whole Foods is just too damn expensive, even for the little things that shouldn’t be. We can’t all be as lucky as the people in Decatur, Georgia, but we still can make wise decisions at our local marts and take advantage of our local farmers that come to sell more often. Also, Food Change is on 116th between Frederick Douglas and Adam Powell,
south side of the street. A food coop on a sliding scale. I'm learning this because of a recent Harlem 4 Kids post.

I didn’t mean to pontificate. I’m just so pissed. I feel cloned! I would assume a thinking cloned being would feel exposed and taken advantage of.


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