Mediation classes in Harlem


Classes Every Wednesday

with Naimah Hassan and Steve Epstein
6:30 pm-7:30 pm
($5 per class)

Transforming Painful Emotions

The delusions - agitated and distorted states that disturb our mind - are the main obstacles to our fulfilling our wishes. Come and learn skillful methods to identify and transform these inner enemies, the source of all problems and difficulties.

January 2 Creating Inner Wealth
January 9 Developing Useful Doubt
January 16 Letting Go of Attachment
January 23 Reducing Anger
January 30 Identifying the Root Delusion: Ignorance
February 6 Wisdom vs. Ignorance

Classes are held every week unless otherwise stated, titles TBA.

Talks and guided meditations suitable for everyone. The emphasis is on integrating Buddha's teachings into our lives. Beginners are welcome. Classes can be taken individually or as a series. No pre-registration required.

Meditation in Harlem Location
Your Rebirth
70 West 125th Street
(between Lenox and 5th Ave)
New York, NY 10027

Call (212) 924-6706

2/3 125th Street station
4/5/6 125th Street station
A/B/C/D 125th Street station

About the Buddhist Meditation Classes in Harlem

Based in the traditions of Kadampa Buddhism, each class is structured to include a teaching, two meditations, a group discussion, and a questions and answers session.

No special clothing is required, and pre-registration is not necessary. This class is a branch of Chakrasambara Buddhist Center in New York.


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