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Oh, how I love Flickr for introducing me to Blurb. I made a book out of my pictures quite easily and affordably. A long time ago, I made a book using Webshots of my wedding pictures for Shane's family and when I went there, I was so touched to see it in great condition, but definitely dog-eared and well-viewed. It was so humbling and so kind. Usually, you think people put those things on a shelf and forget about it, but not the case. So I made another one in honor of the love they showed me, even before I arrived. It was so full and so different for me. I think I can start with little moments. My husband didn't come unexpectedly so when my father-in-law told me that my stepson had secretly cried in the back room when he heard he wasn't coming, I realized I could never understand the impact of being separated from a parent for so long. When people freak out about immigrants, I wish they'd remember the families that immigrants support and what they have to give up to keep entire families and sometimes communities educated, fed and clothed. One sacrifice is not watching your son grow up. I realized over those days I fell in love with him, my stepson, as if he really were my own. And my nephews and nieces, too. I loved everyone as if I'd known them all my life. It was a good trip with great pictures. But when I sat next to another mom traveling alone, we re-arranged the plane to do so (can I borrow that baby wipe, can you hold this bottle, moms do better together than apart for their sanity and the rest of the travelers) and when we described the differences in our journeys, I realized she had the journey I usually have, lots of various foods, lots of places, lots of touring, drinking beaches, sun and family. For the first time I stayed put in one place except one trip to the beach and a vendor market, oh - and the trips to and from the airport. So what I got was total immersion in a life and culture that I think I just glance over in the hectic trip I usually have.

Even though I longed for some of the parts of her trip, I know I'm now satisfied because of how much I LEARNED about that brash, simple, loving, absolutely hard working, sexy beautiful husband I have. I for one, learned what things mean when he speaks deep patois to me. I also learned that everybody jokes with each other and thin skin ain't happenin. For example, when I tattle-taled about the recent Humpty Dumpty "incident," I received a roar of laughter from everyone present. And the comment, "Well, you are short, hehehehe." And even more laughter. So what I most importantly learned is that I need to just come up with a smarter ass response to his smart ass responses because most of the time everyone was laughing. My lesson learned was life's too short to take every word so seriously. It's a different world. I'm in the world of excess and dieting and a workout having nothing to do with hard work. I am a Jamaican immigrant same as Shane, but I'm a privileged one that grew up in American suburbs vs. Jamaican farms. I learned a lot. But I know my limits. Next time I'll be better prepared with the basics, like bottled water so I don't get sick most of the trip again. I could've bought it, I just didn't think about it...until it was too late. But I could never forget all the coconut water and jelly straight from the tree, star fruit, Jamaican apples and sugar cane I could ever eat. I'm now obsessed with star fruit, also known as Chinese plum. Absolutely delicious.


  1. that sounds like an awesome trip!

  2. Sounds wonderful! And good job on the sock! : )

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