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Searches that end up with hits on my blog

My vote was lost and never counted in the primary. I'm not kidding.

Bloomberg closing the door on being a spoiler

Senator, seal the deal

Great Performances

angel baby

Bessie Coleman, wow...I wish I would've known about you.

Whoopi Snubbed among others. Academy shows off its selective memory.

Steve Jablonsky from The Island Soundtrack - My Name is Lincoln

Why I am Voting for Obama with Derrick Ashong's Videos

I've changed the channel....I'm OVER being LOST.

Our first tea party

Wife, Mother, Career Woman … Something Had to Give

Communication Key to getting through Marriage

Birthday celebrating

I'm watching smart kids making media and I'm so HAPPY. I'm going to start publishing examples of when we're not being dumb Americans.

We can be so dumb, it's embarrassing.

The Heart Truth Fashion Show 2008

Spreading the Love

how many hours have I been sitting here?

How to NOT get killed.

Tearing Down To Rebuild

scroll down, Kanye Grammy video updated.

I put on the tights and dress, but she found that hat deep down in my closet somewhere.

sorrel and ginger tea

reflecting on teaching

Kanye rocked the Grammys with Daft Punk

Project Blog

I've been tagged...

my shoes

Oni Bean finds a home...with his sister Huggy

20 minutes or so on why I am 4Barack - Lessig

The Guardian - There's been no contest like it

Yes, We Can

Friends in the City

08 Potty Debate

I relate to Bassey Ikpi's apology/love poem so deeply. Def Poetry Jam

The logical way to vote most of us agree on...