I've been tagged...

HomeinKabul tagged me! I'm actually reading 3 books at the same time like she is so 3 it is...seriously, i'm not copying, i'm just studying and one is to just release textbook brain stress.

Here are the rules:

  • I. You have to look up page 123 in the nearest book around you.
  • II. Look for the fifth sentence.
  • III. Then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123.
  • IV. And then tag five people, just like you were tagged! I, too, am making this optional.

  • Of course that the Constitution now applies to schooling does not mean that teachers and students can say or write anything they wish. When conflicts arise between the rights of teachers or students and the authority of school administrators, it is the job of the courts to balance the legitimate rights in conflict and determine when to protect and when to limit freedom of expression. In resolving these conflicts, the courts establish legal principles and precedents that apply to similar cases....

    Other students (redundant group) received the same multimedia presentation, but with concurrent, redundant on-screen text. In this series of four comparisons, students in the non-redundant group produced more solutions (ranging between 43 to 69 percent more) on a problem-solving transfer test than did students in the redundent group. The median effect size was greater than 1, which is considered to be large.

    The mistress jumped by herself and heaped scorn and contempt on him afterwards, again telling the dog in front of Precious the lie that he was more man than cowardly Peter. Precious was moved to gainsay. "Mistress Lucy," she said boldly, "you know what dat dog would do if you put parachute on him and push him to de open door of a plane? He would bite you."

    That was fun!
    I tag everyone reading!


    1. Anonymous3:34 AM

      Yay for memes! What's the last book? I'm reading books from 'Daily Lit'. It's a lifesaver and free!

    2. :-) the last book is Dog War by Anthony Winkler. It's in the top of the pile list. Funny, funny, funny.


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