My vote was lost and never counted in the primary. I'm not kidding.

My vote for Mr. Obama in the primaries has gone missing. Where the hell did my vote go? How on God's green earth did Obama have practically no votes, if any, in Harlem. That makes no sense. I voted for him. I know for a fact I got up and voted that morning and other supporters did as well. Also, one to sniff about is Mr. Charles Rangel. He's our Senator around these parts. Not that I'm blaming him, but he certainly hasn't been working hard to figure out what went wrong and re-tally the votes. The man who replaced the great Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. decades ago is quite a character. Please read the article, Unofficial Tallies in City Understated Obama Vote Can we PLEASE have a paper ballot system PLEASE. Where I put my vote in a box and people can count them one by one. Please. This is ridiculous now. We are about to go into an election with the same drama with hanging chads. Mr. Schumer. Ms. Clinton and Mr. Rangel, I would like paper ballots in the state of New York. Now.


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