Why I am Voting for Obama with Derrick Ashong's Videos

After watching this, I think that we all have our issues that are important to us in the elections, but if asked on the spot, could we truly express them? Derrick Ashong tackled the question of whether there is substance to Obama's campaign and not just passion. And in this second video, he shares a passionate response on what this election means to him. So first on the spot video, issue, second video is an emotional response.

You can listen to me or read what I have to say below.

Give it a listen!

For the Harlem Mama Blog - Why I'm Voting for Obama

Enjoy! -- Bodhisattva Mama
Now, if you've watched this, amazing, right? Wow. The conversations he's had in front of cameras are conversations across dinner tables and on telephones and skype and IM and emails across the world. The Google Map that has twitter comments shows us that the whole world is talking about this election. Of course, everyone knows I'm emotionally tied to Obama because my whole being and soul is about inspiration, hope and passion. More analytical types might find me flighty when I find myself more tied to the earth than anything. So this video inspired me to write a little bit about the issues that have me paying attention to Obama. Some people have no problem being in front of the camera, and others, like me, freeze. I'm so glad he didn't. But I can write, so here are my issues.

DC Gridlock - There is a major problem with our political system. The foundation of the three bodies of government balancing power is a phenomenal system created, but under weak leadership and/or bipartisan warring, it is a traffic jam going nowhere. We have been in a traffic jam since the last term of President Bill Clinton. We've been asked as Americans to choose sides and that furthers the mess. We've been left out of the equation by having little knowledge of what our elected officials are doing and how they are voting, and who is giving them money and what special interests are courting them. My own Senator Rangel, a Clinton Supporter, has been asked by me to provide a list of who is financial investors are more than a year ago. I've yet to get a response to that letter. He's chairman of the Ways and Means committee, meaning he's a serious financial power in Congress. He has friends in high places and I rarely see him or have proof of him looking back at his community and our interests before his own. I don't know what's going on.
As Americans, we were told that if we have a majority Democratic Congress to Balance out a stubborn conservative president, we can tackle issues like Immigration, Reforms on the No Child Left Behind Act and reforms on the Patriot Act regarding torture to name a few. That failed. Gridlock between the parties has remained.

There is now someone saying, I'm new to the scene and this foolishness is not working. Our elected officials need a leader to help them work together. They are there to for us because most of them truly believe in bettering their communities and their country. They are currently in a bind of power struggles,special interests, lobbyists and stubbornness that only a fresh perspective, an outsider can hope to change. He's been there long enough to see things need to change. By reaching across parties and saying, let's see what we can agree on to get things done, compromise, giving and taking, fairness, it changes Washington. His campaign already is giving citizens more of a playing field by being the financiers of his run. We know who we are and through technology we're able to communicate better to our candidate what is important to us. Talking about changing the playing field in Washington is important and is an absolute imperative in order to get the issues we care about out of filibusters, committees and vetoes.

Whenever you ask people abroad, whether they are officials of everyday citizens, they usually utter the sentiment, Americans are okay, it's just their foreign policy that's awful. It is awful. It is scary. It bullies, it steals, it ruins economies and holds foreign citizens hostage in their own lands. Our policy is getting us killed. We have lost allies and we are at the center stage for political rallies around the world wanting vengeance against a domineering and controlling superpower with fickle friendships and a backstabbing nature. We backstabbed Iraq. No one can say we didn't. In the 80s we were their allies. We make friends with ruthless leaders and then when they have atrocious humanitarian issues, we let it slide until we have a financial benefit in offering our help. We have ignored the plight in Sudan. Mr. Clinton, I will never forget that you and the Republican Congress at the time, ignored the cries of Rwanda. We sit here and create memorial after memorial regarding the Jewish Genocide decades ago and how we fought a dictator that would've taken over Europe. However, we do nothing and reporters and humanitarians risk their lives daily trying to wake us up to the atrocities that have for years now been declared genocide.

Barack Obama cannot change these facts. But he can change our relationships. The simple fact of honoring John F. Kennedy's legacy stating that we should never be afraid to negotiate with our enemies is a huge statement. The fact that he would sit down with world leaders on our "we don't talk to them" list is showing that we are not a nation of petty popular people trying to hold up their reputations by blacklisting nations defiant against policies where they do not benefit. I find it hypocritical that this nation trades with China, allows travels with China, allows China to build a significant portion of our possessions and it is Communist. But a country like Cuba that is also Communist should not be communicated with. It makes no sense. Mrs. Clinton said she would not communicate with the new leadership of Cuba until they agreed to convert to some sort of democracy. I find this another part of American policies' disturbing evangelical-like insistence that everybody be like America. Everyone in the world needs to govern like America. Yet, it is the Cuban ideal of universal healthcare that she touts every single day. And the fact that Cubans are so healthy and so educated they struggle financially. Of course, decades old trade sanctions with the US is also a part of it, but the fact remains, what they have she wants for us but she won't admit that it is a socialist idea because that would kill her campaign. The logistics of such a system in America sounds great, but all you have to do is listen to Mr. Ashtong above in the first video to see why we need to think deeper on what would actually work in America, a capitalist society.
And wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to let the world know that we are no longer in Apartheid America by showing the face of a biracial man to the world as our leader?

Let us not jest and pretend that civil rights are not an issue this country still faces. An immigrant of nations that discriminates on new immigrants arriving as if being of a certain descent makes you more American than a newcomer. pish.
Immigrants reporting home cannot report that America has a level playing field for all people of color. Mostly Latinos, but West Indians, Asians and Africans working hard at jobs that no Americans want (harvesting, taxi driving, etc.) and paying taxes like every other American cannot report back home that this country accepts them, and him, as anything but unwanted guest. This would be a sign of a new era. A leader who takes these issues seriously, not as a privileged American looking down, but an every day American looking up. All I had to do was research a bit on his background and his stance on the issues facing our nation at this crucial time in history and I immediately felt confident that this person could give this country a vision of what we could be and what we are not, thanks to weak, crisis-driven leadership and partisan divisions, archaic policies not fit for a modern world and demeaning treatment of taxpaying Americans working hard to get through day to day.

But none of this can be done if one thing isn't clear. This country is in a huge deficit thanks to basically borrowing more and spending more. Nationally, we have maxed out our credit cards at the banks of other wealthy nations and we are spending a tremendous amount to fund a war killing millions of Iraqi civilians and thousands of American soldiers. Nothing can be done for health care, immigration, mortgage assistance, education funding before the budget is balanced. We are in the red as a nation and we are heading towards not just a recession, but a depression very soon. If we don't have someone fiscally responsible in the White House (and I'm sorry, Universal Healthcare in the first years of the new presidency is not a fiscal possibility when we are nearing an 800 billion deficit). Yes, our budget deficit is nearing $800 billion according to reports this week. THAT IS the True Priority.

As a nation, he asks us to step up and help ourselves to bettering our communities and he will be the one binding the values and issues of both Democrats and Republicans AND Independents and everyone not putting label on themselvles...as just plain old American values and issues.
I am tired of the hypocrisy. So I want change. And I believe truly, Yes, yes, we can.

So, to sum it up.

1) $800 Billion Budget DEFICIT
2) The current state of gridlock ineffectiveness between our branches of government.
3) Foreign Policy
4) Immigration

And that is why I am voting for Barack Obama.

Now, Who are you voting for and why? Send me links if anyone decides to make a post.

p.s. I think Mayor Bloomberg would be a fine fiscally wise Vice-President, if you ask me. Maybe it's just New Yorker bias, but he's smart and would be an asset in deficit control.


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