Oni Bean finds a home...with his sister Huggy

He joins his sister Huggy and little Niya. She is SO in love this with this little guy. He was found on eBay for the same price he was in 1985, about the time I was presented with Huggy (in the purple) back in the day. People are impressed with the condition I have her in, but she is wearing a new dress from Michael's craft shop. Huggy Bean dolls are no longer manufactured, but they come up on eBay sometimes. eBay is the perfect place to find the thing only you obsess about. This one was still in the box, strapped in and everything. No doll should be in a box for twenty years. So now he's out! And he's with family. Getting what every doll deserves, lots of love. And when he gets too much love, there's a famed doll hospital in Brooklyn that I plan to call in case of emergencies.


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