reflecting on teaching

While I was watching the Grammy Awards, I was getting my hair braided and I was working on a school project. I underestimated what I was supposed to do and spent many hours last night churning out the how to build a blog project. It's for class, but I get asked that question all the time. I hope it ends up being helpful to people so I'm going to be adding to it as time goes along to make it really informative. Sometimes I take for granted what I can accomplish sitting at my computer and it's important to share the wealth. As a Bronx teacher on the news today with his kids trying to raise funds to compete in in an international robotics competition, "We always say every child has some hidden genius, it's our job as educators to tap into that genius whatever way we can." Sometimes it's about sharing knowledge. The project just got me thinking about being a teacher one day again. I'm all theory and no practice yet. Sometimes that's just strange. In only two semesters I feel like I've taught twenty years with all I've learned, but I realize not being out in the field yet means I have a long, long way to go. And they say teachers can't really be considered out of training or a respectable teacher until they have at least three years. So I look forward to the future teaching ahead.


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