Searches that end up with hits on my blog

I got this idea from HomeinKabul, maybe it was a meme, but it was a great idea. Here are searches that end up coming here and my response to them. Some are kinda funny. I was certainly amused. I think Whoopi getting snubbed at the Oscars may have knocked down my peach cobbler rating. damn.

southern peach cobbler
Is my cobbler that amazing? #1 Search

nyc teaching fellows interview
Okay, everyone, I am not a Teaching Fellow. I know every week someone comes to see my breakdown of the interview. There's so much more to me than NYCTF rejection! #2 Search.

mahalia jackson, martin luther king jr
There are dozens of searches about MLK and Mahalia Jackson. I'm honored when people come to my site about them because usually it’s about the I Have a Dream speech I had posted. But my site isn't going to tell you much about Mahalia's life, her marriage or her family. But I will bring her beautiful voice and soul on occasion.

jonathan livingston seagull
I like that this one comes up. My favorite book.

pilates harlem
FYI: Pilates in Harlem can be found at the Harlem YMCA on 135th btw Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell.

harlem mama
Me! Me! Me!

johnson-johnson plastic mamma surgery organization doctor

alton brown tea
Yes, this is a tea loving blog. But no, I don't have his teapot. But I did put a cast iron Japanese tea set in my Pile of Goodies in my sidebar if you do want to get one.

car seat lady
The car seat lady I reference is only NYC and I think she moved. Every town needs a car seat lady or guy and I get lots of searches for various towns.

ghetto pilates
Alrighty then.

harlem mama knit
Me! Me! Me!

alicia keys black men gods
no clue. kinda funny.

come to mama cuddle
hmm…baby talk? A book? No clue. Praying they had Rated-G thoughts.

congressional holiday ornament
there is such a thing?

dreaming of all white chickens
once again, no Fascinating.

great beings of light
We all are.

horace napier shot
That is the truth. And he is my cousin.

huggy bean
This blog loves Huggy bean dolls from the 80s!

i love harlem
So do I!

korean exfoliating
Oh yes, going down memory lane, that was definitely an experience.

mama pavoratti
grazi, not what you were looking for, right?

meaning of god bless the child
This one is also very popular. What does the song mean, Harlem Mama? Billy Holiday felt like every time she came home after she became famous, everyone wanted a piece of her, until the money was gone. But she sings about remembering how she would get crumbs from these same relatives with the money back in the day when she was a child. It's a bitter reflection on a troubled relationship with people in her life she couldn't count on or felt used by. She feels like a child alone, and asking God Bless her now that she's got her own. That's my interpretation.

moms harlem activities
I'm all about this. is better though, check there for current events.

negro's peach cobbler recipe
old fashioned, but yet again, another somebody wanting peach cobbler made the old southern black way. Sheesh.


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    I think this is a great idea, I got it off of Dictator Princess:


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