sorrel and ginger tea

Usually, sorrel is reserved for Jamaican holidays, but I have not stopped finding ways to drink my sorrel. So, I take a tablespoon or two, really I have no idea, I just shake it into the post. I slice off some pieces of a ginger root. I Splenda it to death because sorrel is bitter without sweets. And after I pour hot water onto this lovely fragrant mixture, I let it seep for at least 10 minutes. I want it with strong flavors. Oh, I almost forgot, 2 pimentos.
So the recipe is:
1-4 tablespoons Sorrel
2-4 thin slices of ginger root, 1/2 to 1 inch long
2 pimentos
Sweeten to taste.
This serves about two cups so don't add more water than that.



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