celebrating spring in the park

Good times were had yesterday for the St. Nicholas Easter Hunt. My little one was more interested in the craft table than the egg hunt so that's where we spent most of our time. This Easter has been sweet, but I know I could've been better about going to church. I truly do love fellowship, but not going to Palm Sunday service left me in the dark about what the times and dates for services this week were. Catholics don't have just one day of celebration, it's an entire season that started back at Ash Wednesday. But even though I wasn't in church, I've felt the spring, the rebirth, the new season starting around me in vivid bright colors and emotions. The first daffodil petals in my little patch of dirt in front of the building broke open as well. One of my best buddies announced an engagement and two of my other best buddies are due the same date in August. As I get older, I feel I'm given more to celebrate instead of mourn, if I just open my eyes to it. I know it all comes in waves, but right now, I'm taking in the moment and just enjoying it.


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