Calabash Dreams finally coming true.

It is official. I am going to the Calabash Writer's Festival this year. Elation is an understatement. It is a profound experience and I've talked so much about the first time I went, my mother has decided to come. The plans are underway and I'm praying to book a hotel near the venue, but it seems this little treasure in Treasure Beach, Jamaica is now a thing selling out the town months in advance. This isn't the resort side of Jamaica so the south coast residents truly profit from the Festival. Locals can rent their homes, sell their goods, cook their food and we guests are all the merrier. Imagine listening to your favorite authors read to you while the breeze blows in your hair and your eyes cast out towards the blue-green ocean. My senses are still thanking me for the experience so many years ago. I look forward to an even more inspiring journey into the heart of a truly divine literary movement.

I am also on spring break and attempting to unplug myself from this screen. That means, tucking away the laptop unless its related to finalizing my travel plans. No reading election articles in the wee hours of the night. No playing on facebook (except for Scrabulous). No papers to write, no discussion boards to update. No emailing and no blogging and no reading every blog I can think of to read. No surfing and wiki'ing for every little thing I could possibly want to know. (Am I purposely trying to become an encyclopedia of the most trivial and mundane topics?) I need a break. Can I do it? I am an addict so we shall see. Let me just bullet point my exceptions.
Computer on for:
1. Travel Plans
2. Scrabble games (because I dare not forfeit and lose my undefeated title)
3. (maybe) instant watch movies
Can I? Will I? I have no idea. But I'm going to try.

Oh yea, we had a play date today! So fun. :-) I'm trying not to get too excited (because I want more), but the play date isn't just for the kids, it's definitely for the parents too. We can chat about milestones, veggie wars, daycare and diapers and not feel like aliens in another world boring to tears the the average chic city person we befriended pre-baby. Mommy (and Daddy) chit chat is great, especially for the stay at homes like myself. So yay play dates!

And dare I forget to mention, I am venturing out into the land of the working out of home again. I've been offered job as an art specialist for an after school program in the neighborhood. It's a blessing in many ways, mainly because I love what I'll be doing and where I'll be doing it somewhere I love, Harlem.

Signing off for at least 5 days....peace and blessings.


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