Spring awakening

oh, dear, bloggy. How long has it been? I've neglected you so. My sincerest apologies. My life felt full before, but now it's just bursting with fulfillment and I'm having to adjust to the changes. That has left little time for personal blogging. As I quickly mentioned, I'm a working woman again. I am excited being an Art Specialist. I already love working with the kids, albeit super loud and even more excited than me to be back in the arts again. Seems they've had a teacher hiatus for a while and they are itching to get back to the fun times. I'm still only in the planning stages, but I've already started working this week. Monday will start my first full week. So I've been ordering supplies, building lesson plans. Lots of them. I have elementary, middle and high school groups that I work with. If my supplies are approved, we are going to have so much fun. Already, I have kids coming up to me, Are you the new art teacher? Can I come sit over here with you? And I've even landed a couple of hugs. Even though I've just started, they considered my first day when we did a Black History month project for their program that night back in February. It was a part of my interview, but the kids decided to claim me. And I thank them for getting me hired.

And I've also taken up a workout and diet routine, hoping to shed some excess by Memorial Day. Besides being a snippy hungry person, I'm well. There's so much truth to happy fatty and skinny bitchy. I'm trying hard to stick to the Weight Watcher's way without being at Weight Watchers, but I think I'm going to have to rejoin. It truly is the only way. But for now, I'm trying to do it on my own. Netflix has Instant Watch fitness videos so Biggest Loser trainer Jillian is kicking my butt on the regular as well.
So on top of school work and being housegoddess/wife/mommy/cooking/cleaning/caring/homeschooling fiend, I'm balancing a couple other thingsn into the equation right now. I hate to say it, I'm not seeing where blogging going to fit in. I may just take to podcasting. That's easier.
After the emotional news going on in the last couple weeks with Obama, the governor(s) indiscretions, the crane accident killing construction workers and a tourist...I had many times tried to find the time to write all the emotions and commentaries down. I could not. I may not find time in the future as well. Harlem Mama may have to take a slight hiatus, meaning not posting every day, for a while. I want to give the rest of the semester my all and right now, I plan on writing a paper for my law class (that I would've started two days ago normally) today.

Sometimes I am wondering why I'm working already. I didn't want to. I didn't need to. But I saw that job online and just jumped. I literally jumped in my seat. It's exactly what I wanted. So even though I'm a nervous wreck about trying to juggle all these things, I know my blessings when they come. And I don't doubt that what is happening is how it is to happen. I just keep faith that it all will work out.
I have some different plans on this work venture than I did last, and they shouldn't be hard because it's work I'm truly passionate about. First, always positive. I was always positive at work, but by the time I got home, I felt beaten to tears usually. This time, no matter how I feel, I'm going to come home positive. Don't dwell on the negative, and certainly do not befriend the morbidly depressed and negative. They just bring me down. Trying to rise them up ends up deflating me.
Let my creativity shine. I will not be afraid to take risks because I know that the more ideas I have, the happier the kids and the supervisors are.

And since, Obama wanted us to be honest about racial issues that we face within our hearts. I will honest as anything that I find I'll be working with people of color, for people of color and around people of color. All for children of color. This is a damn, beautiful thing. I wouldn't expect people not of color to understand, but it's the truth. I left my last job wanting to sue for racial discrimination because it was apparent that the people of color there would be directed and stifled into permanent positions of help. My heart of hearts tells me that organization's glass ceiling for women of color was very low and virtually impossible to break, no matter what talent and brain was on the other side. There were layoffs that were just foul and no one could tell me different. And it was so subtle, especially to people too new to know what was happening. The subtlety of discrimination is profound and being able to call it out or fight it is hard. I watch the L-Word and last season (free on Netflix instant watch ;-) I should be their spokesperson) Max, once upon a time Moira, was definitely discriminated against once the news that he was transgender came out and slowly but surely pushed out the circle. How he handled it speaks so highly of his character. He did not get mad. He didn't sue. He politely said goodbye, realized their loss (not his) and moved on to better things. And for that reason I will always think not trying to sue or make a big stink kept my karma good and helped me move on to better things....school, healthier and happier family life, and new career path.


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