ABC String Banner

So, my daughter's occupational therapist recommended creating a learning environment with the letters and numbers prominently displayed on the walls. She recommended a shop for me to go to for posters and stick ons. I thought about it and decided I'd try my own ideas. I don't know if I mentioned the pack of crazy 8 cards. Well, I've taped a set of 10 to her chalkboard (ok, well 10 fell off, I need to find him) and another set over her bed. Now we have numbers everywhere. And for the last week I've been cutting out letters from this really pretty paper I got in a Michael's sale bin YEARS ago. I just never could figure out what do with the paper. Now they are ABCs and I'll be able to look at them every day. Everyday this girl wants to paint. Every single day. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. I better have a Van Gogh in my midst or I'm going to let her know very plainly and clearly when she's 30 she should be with all the painting time we put in.


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