banana brain freeze

I've been practicing with and now that I can say I've officially moved into the world of visual arts and I feel that if I learn something new, I can spread the knowledge, I've bought a mouse pen or pen mouse, whatever it is, I can have control of my mouse like a pen, meaning I can properly draw. It comes with a special pad and its supposed to be pretty amazing to those who already own it.
I'm not feeling too great. I think I'm just needing a little rest. Plus, major projects for school seem to be never-ending. Every day I'm working on something major. Well, today, I think out of just pure exhaustion I've been boycotting real work. I'm setting myself up for a major headache tomorrow, but I don't care. Today I tried to draw a banana. This is my first attempt at drawing on the PC, but I've been inspired by illustration Friday. Last week was Fail. I don't know what this week's is yet. Seeing that I try to not think about failure, I didn't try to spend too much time, if any illustrating, lest I truly fail at major assignments. But today, I did my now routine weekly trek to the park for the math playgroup and then I came home and started making a banana. I failed to study. I failed to do anything. I made a banana.


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