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A Project I'm working on for school. I think I'm finished. At first it was a wordy Presentation that wasn't very effective. It looked more like an annotated bibliography than a presentation. Now it's a flow chart, thanks to my teacher's suggestion.I like it much better now. I made the chart in MS Publisher, great program, limited conversion options for versions older than 07. I ran around online like a mad woman until I found I was able to convert it without it looking like a disaster(ahem, Adobe, step up, it's your program!). Then I uploaded it to I was able to directly post it into my blog or facebook. I may still put it on my facebook site, but I don't think my friends will understand. This blog can at least put the post of a homework assignment in the context of education since I talk about educational things here often. The school semester is winding down, but the deadlines and the fine tuning and turning in is in full swing. My heart fluttered a little when I got an email from one of my summer professors checking and warning that books should be bought and read because a written assignment is due Wednesday of the first week. sigh. I can't lie. I'm tired. I'm baby girl all day work all eve and books all night. But I'm proud of myself. My grades are good. And all of the above are enriching my life and in the long run, worth it. I keep telling a cousin of mine also in school, also a working mother, that it can be done and not to give up. It's worth it in the end. My mother did it. Millions of moms do it. Furthering my education is and always has been important to me. And I can handle it. Yes, I may complain and gripe along the way, but I can handle it.
And don't forget to visit Project Blog and leave comments and insight. I'm thinking it's a pretty bad ass project and I'm very proud of it. Let me know what you think in the comments section.


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