groovy little iPod

I've been glued to my iPod touch for days now. I keep getting more and more amazed as I play with it. Truly genius. Am I buying into sci fi doomsday lore when I now wish the entire planet had wi fi? Maybe so. But maybe this day and age is the day I've been dreaming about. iTechnolgy is continually impressing me. Reasons I love this thing (I'm using it now):

it has a browser that functions amazingly well

I work at night so I rarely know what is going on regarding big stories to break. No, the real reason is that I never turn on the news and I don't pick up a paper so my news is mostly online. I now don't have to feel long as I have a connection.

Even with a weak signal I can at least check my mail.

I have what I wanted without driving up any of my bills, like some big data plan on my phone bill. Honesty I thought I was buying an iphone for a steal until it came. I was confused, typed into Amazon again iPhone and read the fine print. Only sold at Apple and Att. But I got what I wanted and needed for less money.

I am busy and now I feel more organized.

It's pretty.

I tend to be slow on jumping on the bandwagon but this little guy amazes me.


  1. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I totally had no clue as to what you were talking about. I just googled ipod touch now. :)

  2. you just had to give in, didn't you you little tech geek ;)


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